Kunnis manifesto

We are unlocking digital resources by enabling their providers to easily and safely transact, while avoiding power centralization. We do this by developing software (Web11) for resources to connect, negotiate, commit, and exchange value.

Through this work we have come to value:

Kunnis: Web11 entities are defined by their functionality and data, which we call kunnis*. Transactions increase the kunnis total of Web11.

Bi-directionality: Web11 transactions are bi-directional information exchanges increasing the kunnis of involved entities.

Autonomy: Web11 operates autonomously at every level.

Decentralization: Web11 values distribution over centralization of kunnis.

Security: Web11 enables secure transactions in insecure settings.

Transparency:  Web11 transactions are transparent.

Agreement: Web11 transactions are governed by public contracts, agreed upon by all involved parties.

* The word ‘kunnis’ is a combination of the Dutch words ‘kunnen’ (ability/functionality) and ‘kennis’ (knowledge/data) and stands for more than the sum of its constituents.

Berco Beute

Henk Doornbos